NomadMan | Way to Salvation ! | Welcome!


This story of 10 pictures describe "The way to Salvation". (The water in all pictures represents “Living Water” meaning Jesus.)

Pic. 1) Welcome to the path to a new beginning, to eternity, to The Light where you belong. Welcome to who you really are. Welcome home.

Pic. 2) What we have been building does not last. No matter how good our intentions were, what is built on sand will be destroyed. It must be considered lost and we may have to start over again, together with God and make a new beginning.

Pic. 3) No matter where you come from, what you have done or how difficult it may seem, there is always a way with Jesus. The “living water” run deep into our rocky lives to pick us up and guide us.

Pic. 4) A new day, a new live, a new beginning, this time with Immanuel. Immanuel means "God is with us." This is one of the names given to Jesus. No longer alone, not on our own, but with the overwhelming strength and power of God.

Pic. 5) We start a new life at the “living water”, which is the way, the truth and the life….Jesus Himself. He said that He is the Living Water. That is where we belong, our purpose in life.

Pic. 6) As a symbol of a new beginning, we go into the water which reflects what Jesus did. He chose to give His life at the cross. We die under water symbolizing Jesus’ death on the cross and we rise from the water as Jesus rose from the dead, conquering death. Now we will live forever. Death will never have a hold on us anymore.

Pic. 7) We go out in confidence and sometimes it seems lonely, endless, heavy and difficult. But God is always with us and doesn’t let anything come our way that we can not bear. Keep on going, remember where you came from and never go back.

Pic. 8) On our new found path, we are building a new house. This time not a sandcastle (built on sand) but a house anchored on solid ground (on rocks). That means our new life is rooted in faith in hope and above all, love.

Pic. 9) When we go forward with Jesus we enjoy our new lives, where we are called to share this wonderful news with others. The Bible speaks about this in metaphors of fishermen. Fishers of men.

Pic. 10) We will have challenges ahead of us and we will come into battle with the bull (burdens) many times. We are the riders on the white horses who fight the good battle and we shall overcome with the power of Jesus.